Find a golden ticket in your chocolate bar and you’re off to a factory of sweet sugary splendour. Tackle a leading role in a bittersweet biopic with gut churning subject matter and the Academy will hand you a golden statuette to solidify your talents. Push your body to the limit and you’ll be standing on top of a podium, blinking away prideful tears as you welcome the weight of your hard earned gold medal.

Glimmering, valuable, victorious. Gold.

A metallic element of the highest honour. We associate its lustre with the finest of things, it is a symbol of devotion and success.

Comet was our trophy.

A prize unparalleled. Dogs are blessed with the ability to broadcast love in its purest form. There is nothing more tender than the company of a canine when the day has ripped away your hope, or when other human beings fail to understand you. They don’t care what mistakes you made or how your hair looks. All they are concerned with is the care you provide, which they give back tenfold.

Comet had a smile that you couldn’t help but mirror. His gentle demeanour was as calming as a rolling ocean tide, and soothing to have close by amidst some of the toughest times of my young life. I am truly thankful for the small gestures, such as setting his head on my lap, or laying by my side, for it brought me peace of mind in times of need. My misery was no match for my four-legged friend’s adorable affection.

I will never forget the kindness he showered upon me and so many others. I will carry his thirteen years of love around inside of me for the rest of my life.

You are treasured, my sunshine.