Jawbone elevated
Curvature of a neck craned curiously
Visual contact with the clouds confirmed
Calmness commences, cleansing the senses
Celebrating the sky does wonders for a mind that wanders

Cumulus caricatures accumulate across a colourful canvas
Our sun’s retirement reveals a romantic radiance
A ceremonial signature autographed in heartfelt hues
Pristine pale particles tenderly painted pink
Dusk delivers silhouettes by the dozens, all deceptively diabolical

Lunar luminosity lovingly allures
As I ogle the glowing galactic globe
My ocular observation rouses rip-roaring internal tides
Acute melancholia eclipsed by ethereal ambiance
My nocturnal spirit glows in the dark, indicative of an interstellar intuition

I breathe to bear witness to the offerings of our beloved solar sanctuary


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